2pps Limited - bringing a collaborative transportation system to life - patent pending (15/698,149).

2pps Limited is a privately held corporation founded to bring our transportation system from pre-industrial era notions of independent movement and to the era of a collaborative transportation universe.

The 2pps Limited brings a transportation system, using patent pending (15/698,149)  technology to life. Transportation from our homes to work, to family, to stores will be safer, environmentally friendlier, and less costly.

The 2pps Limited  technology represents a change of thinking about transportation. Our technology represents a new thinking about an old system, transportation. We are going from foot paths, oxen trails, highway systems, and individual vehicles and persons, to a collaboration of all these technologies so we can all get home safely.

Corporate Goals!

Who We Are

Corporate team

How Did We Get Our Name - 2pps Limited

2pps Limited

CEO: President: John Van Egmond, P.E., P.Eng.

Communications: Erika Brouwer

GST - 742 566 292

Ontario Corporation Number - 1962411

2pps Vision

647-444-4797              president@2pps.ltd

2pps Limited has a vision of a world where drunk driving, red light accidents, speeding accidents, and other accidents are largely defeated. In the world we envision you in vehicle time is your time. Imagine a future where elderly persons can still go for groceries or to the doctor in their own car.

The goal is that all cars and trucks within the transportation universe are permitted onto the universe and are then  fully controlled by the 2pps Transportation Universe. Other road users such as pedestrians would still be detected by on board and transportation universe tools.

Imagine reducing accidents which can harm your family, from 50 million per year to near zero. Imagine safely walking to school, to shopping, to work, on paths known to and even integrated into the 2pps Transportation universe.

Our vision, is that the chaotic transportation universe gives way to the 2pps Limited collaborative transportation universe.​ Let us help each other save time, money, and fuel. 

CHAOS                                                                   or                                      SAFE AT HOME                    

Each year, there are some 50 million accidents world wide. That means two people are injured, killed or suffer other damages every second. Two people every second. Ugly. 

If you and I, if we,  could prevent that carnage, we could:

  1. bring home 2people per second worldwide.
  2. bring home 2 people per second worldwide spared from injury or death. Think of how many fewer children will need to cry.
  3. 2pps Limited was created to bring those 2people per second home every day.

Other goals in the social environment, environment, commuting, manufacturing and other areas of human activity will of course open up, but our eye is never far from 2 people per second.