2pps Limited will license to vehicle owners, manufacturers, institutions, governments, individuals, etc. 

The license is to either add to the universe or to use the universe.

The license comes with no warranty or representation as to the use, timing, environment, liability, materials goods, criminal acts protection, civil goods protection, specific individual safety attributable to 2pps Limited or its owners, shareholders, directors, governments, etc.

Users on and in the 2pps Limited Universe shall have no legal recourse, except as determined in a legal process. Users on and in the universe that are pedestrians, trains, may obtain identifiers to make them or their schedules available to increase safety. Only antique vehicles (not recommended to be on 2pps Limited Transportation Universe), pedestrians, cyclists can be on and in the 2pps Limited universe without markers, though anonymous or identifying markers are recommended for planning and safety.

2pps Limited does not warrant or represent any manufacturer, mechanic, etc. licensed has safe equipment. 

2pps Limited Licenses may be used to plan trips, maintenance, recalls, etc. 


The vehicle, pedestrian or other user of the 2pps Limited Transportation Universe is supported by licensed team members. 

Sector Team Members Examples


  1. Safer walking from home to a destination.
  2. Safer streets against children running into car path by mistake.
  3. Route planning if desired.

Car Makers

  1. Benefits to the car makers include knowing the locations of all vehicles if desired of their brand, reduced liability from accidents, maintenance planning, enhanced vehicle options, and other benefits.
  2. Each brand for example will connect to the universe using vehicle specific licenses and sublicenses.
  3. No single automaker will have exclusive or sole use of the 2pps Transportation Universe. 

Shopping Plaza and Stores
Each plaza can buy licenses and equipment to identify parking and driving areas, walking areas, loading areas, stores etc. Any vehicle then on the 2pps Limited universe can navigate to a parking spot, store, etc.  A 2pps Limited licensed vehicle or other can still use the unattached lot but less efficiently.

Stores can similarly buy licenses and equipment to make their establishment more visible or accessible. 
A transit system can connect its vehicles via license to the 2pps Transportation universe. Each bus stop, vehicle would be added to the 2pps Limited Transportation Universe via licensed sub universes.

Transit systems can integrate non specialist vehicles such as subcontracted licensed vehicles to their main fleet during rush hours. 

2pps Limited - bringing a collaborative transportation system to life - patent pending (15/698,149).

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