Getting to Work in the City


About  7.5 billion people live on earth. Urban dwellers make up about 55% of the world's population and that is expected to grow to 66% within just 14 years. It surprises me that 2 billion people live in "small" communities (cities of  500,000 persons or less). There are over 1000 cities with 500,000 or more people. There are about 200 cities with a million or more people and about 30 cities with 10 million or more people. That makes for a lot of movement, a lot of travel. 

All those urban people must at some time travel to work, to go shopping, to go to family and so on. A most basic travel reason is commuting. In modern societies we spend can spend 60 minutes {for some of us spending 2 hours or more} to get to and from work.

That travel time cannot spent on family, on leisure, on work, and so on. In urban environments, traffic accidents, construction, and volume can cause long delays. Traffic control devices such as traffic lights, lane restrictions, further cause delays. Everyone knows it is a problem, but what can be done? 2pps Limited offers a patent pending technology to help us all.

Accidents in cause a chilling50 million injuries and 1.3 million deathseach and every bloody year.

  • You are two (2) times less likely to be murdered than killed in a car accident. That is a horrible statistic for something we do almost every day of our normal lives.
  • You are ten (10) to fifty (50) times less likely to be killed in a war than killed in a car accident. That is a horrible statistic for something we do almost every day in a time of peace.

If 2pps Limited offered a solution to cut accidents would you support that?

If 2pps Limited  offered as solution to cut your commuting time by 20% to 50% would you support that?

If 2pps Limited offered a solution to cut pollution by 20% would you support that?

Email us  at: if you would support our goals and solutions.

No More Speeding Deaths

Cars can get us to work a lot faster, but for some of us, that still seems to long, and we speed. With 2pps Limited we can eliminate all speeding. That means about 10,000 people per year get home to their families who otherwise would have died. .

Everyone should get home to their family.

Every year 1.3 million die on the roads. They never make it home.

Every year 50 million are injured or killed before they reach home.

2pps Limited goal is to reduce accidents, green house gases, wasted energy, and wasted time in vehicles. And, we want to do that while reducing commuting stress. A relaxed commute home, wouldn't that be nice?

No Drinking & Driving Deaths

2pps Limited technology makes drinking and driving a thing of the past. That means  about 10,000 children, fathers, mothers and others will be coming home instead of going to a cemetery. 

Where ever You live, Cars and Roads should get You Home! Don't You Agree?

Distracted Driving,  Tiredness Driving, Running Red Lights

‚ÄčThese three driving situations kill about another 10,000 people every year. With 2pps Limited we can bring those 10,000 people home every year. 

Building Our Future

USA our Example

2pps Limited - bringing a collaborative transportation system to life - patent pending (15/698,149).

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