2pps Limited is a private corporation.

Who are good team members to work with us:

Automakers (safety, fuel, costs, new vehicle interior options, etc.)

Autoparts Makers (safety, fuel, costs, new vehicle interior options, etc.)

Computer hardware Software Suppliers

Taxi and Trucking firms (safety, fuel, costs, new vehicle interior options, etc.) 

Scheduling teams

Transit teams

Government with interests in safety

Government with interests in green house gases

Energy Firm with interests in fuel efficiency

Busing companies (safety, fuel, costs, new vehicle interior options, etc.)

Tourist Destinations

Retail Destinations

and more.  

Our Maxim.

The market is always free. Local or other controls will not evade the free market forever because the determined hunter prevails.  

                                                                                                                                                   John Van Egmond

good fit team

2pps Limited is a private corporation.

2pps Limited need you to succeed and we want you to succeed.

Have an amount of $1 million, of $5 million, of $10 million, or more you could park with us for the time being, we need you.  Want to donate or invest smaller amounts? Want to lend? Here is what you and we need:

Before we get together we have a multi step  process so we can know you as required law or our processes. For small investors and funders and donors we will need your name, address, email, phone, DOB, and a statement you are not extending yourself or your resources beyond your capability.

For larger supporters we require KYC details.

  1.  A meeting by phone for 10 minutes to discuss our and your team and persons.  If 2pps Limited or you, consider there is no fit of persons, we shall go our separate ways. If there is a fit we plan for Step 2.
  2. A face to face meeting for 2 hours to meet team members, to discuss your and our goals so we may determine if there is a fit. If 2pps Limited considers there is no fit, or you do, we shall go our separate ways. If there is a fit ,we shall plan for Step 3.
  3. We meet for 1 day, to look at how you want to be involved, to structure the basics of that involvement, in order to prepare legal documents.
  4. We review the legal documents face to face to work out the amounts, team members. We work out the strategic spending of resources entrusted to 2pps Limited. 
  5. We agree on an update plan on outcomes regularly and review our fit at least once per year. 

If the above are successful we will make the financial and banking arrangements.  Those contributing to our success may be expected to contribute at least one senior management person on a full time basis to the team, to protect your interests and to increase our expertise. 

2pps Limited is a private corporation. Our goals are related to a better planet, yet we have to be mercenary - "We need profit". We are about growing revenue and spending less than we make. We need to make more than we spend so we can serve our customer and pay our team.

If you are looking to invest, jumping from return to return you may be disappointed in our approach. Our investors look to the long haul. We are not looking to the stock market average rate of return or better, weathering catastrophic losses to make glorious returns at someone else's expense.  Our goal is to always beat a stock market averaging return, once we are established and entrenched.

Our goal as a firm is to be fair to our customer, our employee, our supplier, and to those who entrust their money to us. If you can consider yourself a teammate with us, where we all can win, where returns are fair and not lavish at the expense of others, you may have a place with us. 

Contact our Management at president@2pps.ltd or  legal team at legal@2pps.ltd                 .

Corporate - commercial - institional team members

2pps Limited - bringing a collaborative transportation system to life - patent pending (15/698,149).


Winning together

2pps Limited

2pps Limited​

Investor: investor@2pps.ltd

647-444-4797              president@2pps.ltd

2pps Limited is a private corporation. Our world is one of free trade agreements, of bargains and sales. We believe where one party or another struts around like they got a deal so good the other party must have been stupid, is not a good model. We all need to win if we are trying. In our world vendors want to empty pockets and buyers want to strip vendors clean, neither method is our way. Our world treats consumers or partners as though we were the Passenger Pigeon was so numerous they could never disappear, we disagree.  

2pps Limited believes that our customers are not to be taken for granted, and neither should our team. 

If you support, donate, crowd fund, ICO or invest with us or team with us, we want you to succeed and we mutually want to succeed. If you can live with that, you might join us. If our customer is more than a passenger pigeon and is instead to be valued, join us.