2pps Limited has a vision of a world where drunk driving, red light accidents, speeding accidents, and other accidents are largely defeated. In the world we envision your in vehicle time is your time to use as you want or need. Wouldn't you want that time back?  We think so and are working toward giving you back that time. 

Imagine a future where elderly persons can still go for groceries or to the doctor in their own car. Why should they be held captive in their homes by an inability to drive? We think elderly persons so benefit from freedom of movement and association and work towards that!

The goal is that all cars and trucks within the transportation universe are permitted onto the universe and are then  fully controlled by the 2pps Transportation Universe. Other road users such as pedestrians would still be detected by on board and transportation universe tools, but can also opt in for positive detection.  Want to make our world work better? We think so and work towards that world.

Imagine reducing accidents which can harm your family, from 50 million per year to near zero. Imagine safely walking to school, to shopping, to work, on paths known to and even integrated into the 2pps Transportation universe.  Wouldn't that be a better day? We think so and work towards that day.

Our vision is that the chaotic transportation universe will soon give way to a collaborative transportation universe.​ Let us help each other save time, money, and fuel. 

don't you want that time back?

Why We Do What We Do!

2pps Vision

Your kids want you to get home safely

2pps Limited - bringing a collaborative transportation system to life - patent pending (15/698,149).

a child's parents should come home every day!

Would you like a strees free commute?

Imagine Reading a book, telling a story, snoozing, preparing a meal, all while commuting. 

2pps Limited is committed to reducing your commute and your commuting experience.

Annual Accident Statistics World Wide

What is the health toll of all those accidents?The World Health Organization answers that in its reports at 


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Source: Rajan V. 2011

A little stress. A little lost time. An accident now and again. Some extra burned gasoline. Not the biggies of life. Want to change that?

Our modern society has about 650 million cars and trucks, about 1 per 10 persons.


In Canada, the USA, Europe, and other countries the number of may approach 1 per 2 or 3 persons.

If we limit ourselves to just city and suburban people,  we spend an average of about 45 minutes to 1 hour commuting. But on many days it can take twice that long. 

2pps Limited